20+ Aglaonema Varieties With Pictures (Chinese Evergreen)

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Once you bring your first Chinese Evergreen plant home, chances are you will fall in love and will want to add more aglaonema varieties to your plant collection. As far as plant groups go, aglaonema plants come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. You will always find that one more that will take your breath away. From deep green to gentle pink, this really is one versatile group of foliage plants.

We’ve gathered some of the most wonderful types of Chinese Evergreen plants, along with their photos, and as you see them, you will want to have them.

We also hope this list will help you better identify different types of aglaonema plants – although some of them are available under many names on the market, and the subtle differences between some varieties can be hard to pinpoint.

Aglaonema Varieties With Pictures

When it comes to plant care, these are relatively easy to care for and will grow well in most homes. Keep in mind, some varieties, especially those where green isn’t the dominant color on the leaf, will need more light (and care) to keep their amazing colors.

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As far as color and variety of patterns on the leaves of these go, they can easily match the wonderful Calathea plants, with the care for Chinese evergreen being drastically easier.

Aglaonema Varieties – Same Plant Different Name?

When trying to ID a plant from this group, you will notice the same plant can go with many different names. It can be very confusing. And plants that look different from one another have the same name. Some more prominent plants like Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor are clear as day, whereas a pink aglaonema comes in a slew of varieties (most being very similar to one another) and names. The common names of the same plant can also be different from location to location and grower to grower. You are not alone in the struggle. There are hundreds of Chinese Evergreen varieties out there and even more common names.

When it comes to these, a quote from Shakespeare is fitting – “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Learn how different aglaonema varieties can look, pick the ones you like, and get them, no matter how they are labeled in the store. The plant will always be gorgeous.

Some of the plants from this group are extremely common, and you will be able to find them at almost every plant store, however some of them are quite rare and will be harder to come by.

Another thing you should keep in mind is some varieties might not be available, or at least available at the moment, in your area. Some varieties were cultivated by growers that don’t have a worldwide presence, so getting your hands on a specific plant might prove challenging. But as previously mentioned, you should be able to secure a plant that looks almost the same (under a different name).

Aglaonema Varieties

Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor

The camo pattern on this Chinese Evergreen variety makes this plant one of the most interesting variegated plants out there. The very dark green leaves have splashes of bright green and creamy white. It’s a pattern that will grab anyone’s attention without a doubt. Because of the pattern on the leaves, the plant is also nicknamed the camouflage plant.

Just look at these leaves! It is impossible not to fall in love with this plant.

Pink Moon – A Must-Have From Many Aglaonema Varieties

Another variety that really stands out is the Pink Moon. The deep dark green waxy leaves are decorated with pinkish-beige dots, and if that alone isn’t enough to capture your heart, this one also has a gorgeous pink midrib.

These grow as small and very compact shrub, a wonderful full plant. Their lush foliage is enough to impress anyone but looks extra adorable when the plant blooms with its pinkish flowers too.

Aglaonema Silver Bay

The Silver Bay variety is one of the more common ones you can easily spot in your local plant store. Really easy to care for, this plant can grow into the most gorgeous and large houseplant. Long medium dark leaves have a creamy green to silver-white center.

This plant is proof that common plants are just as impressive, if not even more impressive than many plants and plant varieties considered rare. You really can’t go wrong with Silver Bay.

Aglaonema Chocolate

A fitting name for a plant that is as sweet looking. The leaves are dark green, almost brown looking (chocolaty green would actually be a fitting description) with light pink to hot pink veins that look especially stunning if observed from under the leaf.

This is a hardy variety that won’t require any special treatment, so it’s well worth adding to your collection.

Aglaonema Rotundum

You loved the chocolate variety, but I feel you need just a bit more color? This plant group has you covered! Behold the gorgeous pink veins and pink midrib on the Chinese Evergreen Rotundum. Can you think of anything more perfect?

The stripes on this plant almost resemble the calathea ornata plant doesn’t it?


Our heart races when we see the leaves on the Nicole! It’s almost you’d take a can of silver-white paint and slowly drip it across the light green leaves.

Pink Aglaonema Varieties

Why settle with green when you can have pink? Many aglaonema varieties come with almost completely pink foliage or where a generous part of the leaf is pink. Most will be sold simply under the name “Aglaonema Pink.” Depending on your location, you will be able to get your hands on some of the varieties.

The pink color varies from very beige pink to almost hot pink.

If you want to keep your fully plant pink, you will need to make sure it gets the perfect amount of light.


Katrina is just one of the many names and varieties of pink aglaonema.

Pink Star

Pink star being another from the many.

Splash / Pink Valentine

Pink Spot Aglaonema Varieties / Pink Dalmatian

One of the more fun ones from this group, this beauty will impress you with its dark green leaves with a slew of wonderful soft pink spots.

If the spots on the leaves leave an impression on you, we can also suggest you check out the polka dot plants, a different plant group but with a very similar leaf pattern. Having a collection of spotted plants does sound fun, after all.

Sparkling Sarah

You don’t have to go all-in with the pink color either. The Sparkling Sarah is an eye-catching kind that boasts medium narrow green leaves with a lively pink midrib as well as some pink veins. The variegation on the leaf goes from beige to slightly pink as well.

Add to this the gorgeous pink stems, and you have a plant that is impossible to resist. It’s a low maintenance plant, but if you want to keep the colors lively good amount of medium-light throughout the day will be required. If you spot it somewhere, grab it.

Aglaonema Maria

Another variety that you will commonly see in stores. The large dark green spear-shaped leaves have areas with creamy green variegation.

This is a hardy variety that will happily grow (without fuss) in most homes.

Red Siam Aurora

Leaves that look like lips? Yes, please! This wonderful variety will add a splash of color to your home. The wonderful lip-shaped leaves have the most amazing red edges as well as red midrib.

This one can be bought under many different names, Firecracker, Red Lipstick, Siam Aglaonema, and many others.

Mush like pink varieties. If you want this plant to be happy and keep its wonderful leaf colors, you will need to provide it with more light than a regular deep green Chinese evergreen. Aim for medium light. If it doesn’t receive enough light, it will lose some or all of its wonderful coloration.

White Lipstick

If you’ve been charmed by the red lipstick one, why not add a white lipstick to the collection. It has the same wonderful features as the red siam has, but white. Gorgeous!

Aglaonema Cutlass – Thin Leaved Aglaonema Varieties

Cutlass variety has very long and narrow leaves that set it apart from other types of aglaonema plants.

This one comes with leaves that are dark green on edges with silver patches concentrated in the middle of the leaf.


The mesmerizing colors of this variety are hard to describe with words. It’s a rainbow of colors captured on each leaf. The gentle beige with hints of yellow. The ever so light pink midrib. A plant to fall in love with.

Aglaonema Golden Flourite – The Rainbow of Aglaonema Varieties

Frozen too toned down, but you like the general idea? Up the saturation of colors and go with the Golden Flourite!

The leaf base is still pretty pale, much more than many other types of Chinese Evergreen plants, but the colors are still a whole lot more pronounced than with the Frozen. As the leaves have more green, the plant will be easier to care for as well.

White Rain

When white variegation on the leaves isn’t enough, this plant can take it even further… This aglaonema variety has white or light creamy yellow stems and bright green to white variegation on the leaves.

The leaves are a joy to look at, the deep green that looks like it was splashed with a rain of white color. While the amount of variegation will vary from plant to plant, the name is still well justified.

Red Aglaonema Varieties

Similar to pink, the red variety is usually sold under the name “red.” However, there are many common names, and there are subtle differences in the amount and intensity of the red color of the leaves.

Suksom Red

Lucky Red

Aglaonema Stripes

As the name suggests, you will recognise this plant by the stripes on the foliage.

Aglaonema Tigress

Tigress is another stripy variety that was made to impress.

Aglaonema Silver Queen

Back to the more common aglaonema varieties, the Silver queen can be spotted in many plant stores. It can grow into a very dense shrub-like plant. Super easy to care for.

Aglaonema Silver Queen - One of the More Common Aglaonema Varieties

White Aglaonema Varieties

There are quite a few white leaved types available around the globe as well.

Aglaonema ‘ Anyamanee ‘ Snow White

When you might start to think you have seen it all… How about a plant that is almost entirely white? There aren’t many plant groups that can pride themselves on a member that has almost completely white foliage and grows as a healthy plant. The more the white, the more issues the plant has with converting light into energy they require to grow.

But Chinese Evergreen Snow White can grow even when the majority of the leaf is white. If you want to keep it white, though, this one will need a good amount of bright but indirect light. If it doesn’t get enough light, the white leaves can deteriorate, or the variegation may revert to green as the plant will compensate for the lower light levels.

But the gorgeous leaves are well worth all the effort. That all said, this is still a relatively easy plant to grow indoors.

White Calcite

White Calcite can have a decent amount of white variegation on the leaves as well. Same as the previously mentioned white specimen, this one too will require a bit more love and caring than your average Chinese evergreen plant if you want it to keep the gorgeous variegation.

Queen Juliana – The Toned Down One From Aglaonema Varieties

Although some of the allure of aglaonema varieties come from their variegated and colorful foliage, simplicity can be just as striking. And here is where Queen Juliana shines! It’s just as wonderful, if not even more, than many other plants.

This Chinese evergreen, unlike her brothers and sisters, doesn’t come with variegation or flashy colors. The leaves, as well as the stems, are mostly green. A wonderful plant that will even out your colorful collection.

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