ZZ Plant Varieties (with pictures)

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ZZ plant is loved by many, its gorgeous foliage and easy care make this plant one of the top wishlist plants. But why settle with one when you can have more ZZ plant varieties in your home.

Zamicolous zamifoliais a relatively small group, and at the moment, there aren’t many types of ZZ plants out there. But as with all plants, new varieties are regularly discovered and cultivated, so we hope to see many more gorgeous and exciting varieties in the near and far future.

Even though their numbers aren’t many, they each impress with their own unique beauty.

ZZ Plant Varieties with pictures

Types of ZZ plants

The few varieties of ZZ plants have one thing in common; they are all easy to care for. While the variegated variety is slightly more sensitive than a regular ZZ plant, it’s still an easy one compared to many other houseplants.

If you don’t have experience caring for ZZ plants, do give our care guide a read. These plants are pretty straightforward. However, there are some tricks to keep them happy and thriving. As a new plant over, you want to avoid overwatering your plant (but also not dehydrate it by leaving it without water for too long).

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Regular ZZ plant – the most common of ZZ plant varieties

The regular variety, which you can see in many plant stores and even in regular stores (usually at a very affordable price). General stores will often carry these during their “plant weeks.”

Leaves are a lovely medium-dark green. It’s a slow-growing plant that usually grows in spurs. You won’t see much growth for a long time, and then there will be a ton of new growth for a period of time. New growth is pale bright green and an absolute joy to look at.

If you are just starting your plant journey, this is the variety to go with. While other un-variegated varieties are also as easy to care for, the price tag is steeper. Get comfortable with what this plant needs, and then move on to other gorgeous varieties.

ZZ Raven – The Dark Beauty

One of the most elegant houseplants out there, not just as far as ZZ plants go. The deep dark green color of the leaves makes a strong impression. As with the regular variety, this one is easy to care for as well.

Young leaves come out brighter green, but they turn deep dark green, almost black looking as they mature.

These are relatively easy to come by. You will often see them in plant stores and nurseries. The price tag is a bit higher than with the regular one.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Variegata

While spotting yellow leaves on your regular ZZ plant is a cause of concern, but spotting wonderful yellow-white variegation on your variegated ZZ plant is a thing to celebrate! You can find plants with minor variegation and those that have leaves that are almost completely white-yellow (like Zamia Albino).

When it comes to variegated plants, the car for thee is usually more demanding than for their counterparts without variegation, and this is true for ZZ plants as well. You will need to find a great spot for it as variegated leaves are less efficient with photosynthesis. This means it will need more light than a regular ZZ plant. Direct sunlight is a no, no, and it will leave the plant struggling, not to mention damage to the leaves.

As far as variegated plants in general go, this one is one of the easiest to care for.

These are a bit harder to spot in stores, but are becoming videly available too.

ZZ Dwarf Zenzi – Dwarf ZZ plant varieties

A more quirky variety, the ZZ zenzi plant is more uncommon. Its dense dark green foliage, with slightly curled leaves, makes this ZZ plant variety special.

It’s a dwarf variety, so it won’t grow to impressive sizes the regular ones can grow, but that is not a reason not to have this one in your plant collection.

Caring for this plant is the same as with the regular ZZ plant varieties.

Dwarf Zamicro ZZ

If you love how the regular Zamioculcas Zamiifolia looks but don’t have the room for it, you can opt for a dwarf variety that looks almost the same.

Zamicro has the same medium-dark green waxy leaves as the regular plant has but won’t grow as tall. The leaves on this one are also quite smaller than what you would see with a regular ZZ plant.

Zamicolous zamifoliais ZZ Lucky Classic Plant

In a way, the most different from other ZZ plant varieties, Lucky Classic has slightly rounded leaves. The medium-dark green color is similar to the regular variety.

The Zamioculcas Lucky Giant, a variety that grows longer, narrower leaves (and the plant is larger too) can also be found as well as the ZZ Lucky White variety which is variegated.

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