Types of Pothos Plants to Add to Your Collection

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You probably got your first pothos and instantly fell in love with these wonderful plants… There is nothing else to do than to get more from where the first one came from. Learn what some of the common types of pothos are out there and some more exotic variety, and add more than one variety to your collection. You will love every one of them.

There are quite a few different kinds of pothos out there, some really unique and some that look very similar, which can make them hard to distinguish sometimes. Even the stores can often mislabel them. We hope this article will help you with recognizing some of the varieties of pothos.

Even if you mistakenly get two that are the same type, you won’t regret it when it comes to pothos, and each plant is really unique.

Types of Pothos Plants to Add to Your Collection

Types of Pothos Plants – Epipremnum or Scindapsus?

When we talk about pothos plants and different types of pothos, the genus that “officially” fits the description is Epipremnum (aureum). However, plants from this genus are known as Scindapsus aureum in some places in the world. Scindapus is a whole other genus. However, plants from this group are also commonly known as pothos. Confusing? We know, but such is often the case when common names for plants are used. It is OK to name both pothos, as that is not a scientific name.

We have included both in this list, marking which is which, and you can decide if you want to include them all in your collection. The more, the merrier.

Thankfully, the care for pothos, be it an Epipremnum or Scindapus, is really similar when it comes to all these plants.

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Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureumScindapsus aureus)

This is the most common variety of pothos, and it is commonly being sold in general plant stores. It’s inexpensive and easy to come by. If you are looking for a good deal for these plants, check general stores for when the have plants for sale, if you are lucky you can get a big plant for $5.

The leaves can show different levels of variegation, from high to low. The color of variegation will be slightly yellow (but can be really pale, almost white looking).

Golden Pothos Leaf - one of the most popular types of pothos
Yellow variegation on Golden Pothos

Leaves are heart shaped.

The leaves on this can grow pretty big. If you let the plant climb instead of hanging, it can grow gigantic leaves even (and you will see fenestration too).

Giant Golden Pothos Leaf
Giant Golden Pothos Leves with Fenestrations

Jade – Green Queen Type of Pothos (Epipremnum)

If you are not a variegation fan, you can get the Jade variety as the leaves are dark green and without variegation or only slightly variegated.

Leaves are heart shaped too.

Green Plant – variegation can occur

Marble Queen (Epipremnum) Pothos Variety

Another very common type of pothos that you can usually grab from your local plant store. It has similar variegation to the golden one, however, the variegation is brighter – pale beige to white. You shouldn’t see strong yellow colors on this one.

The variegation can vary from leaf to leaf – some almost fully white with specks of green, others almost fully green, and some, our favorite, half white and half green.

Marble Queen

Snow Queen (Epipremnum)

Marble queen that is heavily variegated, with leaves mostly white with little green, is sometimes labeled as snow queen.

Keep in mind, the stronger the variegation (more white), the more light the plant will need.

N’Joy (Epipremnum)

Smaller leaves compared to the golden or marble queen and different variegation. The leaves are shades of green mixed with creamy white that is usually at the leaf’s edges.

This is one of the more looked-for types of pothos as its foliage is truly wonderful. If you are looking for a plant that is a true statement piece, this one is it.

Pearls and Jade (Epipremnum)

Not a common variety. It looks like a hybrid between N’Joy and Marble queen. The shades of green and creamy white edges are complemented with lots of tiny dark green spots on the creamy white.

Neon or lemon (Epipremnum) – another popular type of pothos

Another one with little or no variegation, but what sets this one apart is the neon color of the leaves. Young leaves are really bright. Older leaves will be a bit darker.

While not as common you can also get a Neon one with variegation.

Neon Pothos

Pothos Manjula or Happy Leaf (Epipremnum)

Leaves are cream-white or white in the center and have green and dark green edges. The heart shape isn’t as pronounced.

Green specks can show on the white and white specks can show on the green.

“Glacier” is another pothos variety that is very similar to this one, the difference being the green is also seen in the center of the leaf and edges.

Scindapsus Pictum Varieties – are These Types of Pothos?

Scindapsus pictum are sold under the name pothos too and people commonly refer them as such.

Pothos is not a scientific name of any plant genus. It is a nickname for the plants both in the Epipremnum genus as well as Scindapsus, although lately Epipremnum is considered a true pothos.

In some parts of the world, all Epipremnum plants were classified (or still are) as Scindapsus plants, which adds to the confusion even more.

We think all of these, however they are called, are worth adding to your plant collection, and the basic care is the same for all.

Here are some of the more common varieties that will look great in your home.

Satin Pothos – Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus

Wonderful heart-shaped leaves that are dark green with specks and splashes of silver-gray. Thin bright edges also add to the overall aesthetic of this wonderful plant.

One of the more beautiful plants if you ask us.

Satin Pothos

Silver Lady

A more classy pothos variety, the silver lady has narrower leaves which are covered with deeper darker green and gray-silver.


Stronger variegation than satin, this one too has a silvery sparkle on its wonderful foliage.

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