10+ Plants with Big Leaves You Can Grow Indoors

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Adding one or two plants with big leaves into your home will instantly improve your interior. And we aren’t talking looks only here; the air quality of your home will benefit from having plants with large leaves as well (or any other plant for that matter).

Many plants boast large leaves, and quite a few of them are on the affordable side. Add to this that caring for these large plants is fairly easy. There really isn’t a reason why your home shouldn’t have one or two.

Plants with Big Leaves You Can Grow Indoors

As the same plant’s prices in different sizes grow as the plant grows, you can save money by buying a younger plant and growing it yourself.

Keep in mind, if you are buying a smaller plant, it can take quite a while, depending on the plant, for it to grow to its full potential (plant size and leaf size). Before making your purchase, learn about how fast the plant grows and what are the ideal conditions.

Our Favorite Plants with Big Leaves

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus Lyrata

We can agree that this one is one of the more photogenic plants; its glossy, darker green and uniquely shaped leaves quickly grab attention wherever you place the plant.

It’s a popular plant that can be purchased in many nurseries and stores – in various sizes and price ranges. It can grow a couple of feet (1 foot is roughly 30 cm) each year with proper care, making even a smaller plant impressive in no time.


2. Caladium

Paper-thin leaves with striking colors. This one has the potential to grow leaves that are not only impressive in size but also color.

There are many varieties to choose from – the Calladium White with red spots pictured below is just one option. The leaves’ can come in any color combination of white, green, red, pink, and purple.

The downside to this one is, unlike other plants on our list, the foliage dies down in fall, and the plant goes into a rest phase for a couple of months until it is ready to sprout again in spring. But the gorgeous large leaves on this plant are certainly worth it.


3. Monstera Deliciosa

Probably the most popular plant with big leaves you can find. In addition to the leaves being large, they are also a sight to admire with a unique shape and holes (fenestration).

A smaller plant is inexpensive and it will grow fairly quickly with right conditions.

As these plants are fairly common, your plant lover friends probably have them at home. They are pretty easy to propagate, so you can also ask your friends to propagate one for you.

With proper care, this plant can gain up to 2 feet (60 cm) per year.


If a regular monstera doesn’t do it for you and you want something even more striking, opt for a variegated monstera. There are quite a few varieties out there. However, be ready to part with quite a bit more money than you would for a regular monstera.


4. Bird of Paradise

Bird of paradise (strelitzia reginae) plants are well known for their striking bird-like flowers. However, you won’t likely see those on your plant indoors. That doesn’t really matter, though, as the beautiful leaves of this plant have been more than enough.

This one is a fast growing plant.


5. Licuala Grandis

Licuala Grandis, the Ruffled Fan Palm, boasts large eye-catching fan-like leaves. It makes a wonderful indoor plant that is also easy to take care of.

Not impossible to spot in a nursery or a store but certainly harder to get than previously mentioned plants.

Not the fastest growing indoors.


6. Calathea Obifolia

Calatheas might not be known for their large foliage; their drama queen reputation is usually discussed more. However, quite a few calathea varieties will develop impressive sized leaves – calathea obifolia being one with the largest ones.

With proper conditions, calatheas can grow like crazy. However, they are usually high maintenance plants.


7. Ficus Elastica

This one is also known as a rubber plant. Go with the regular one with wonderful dark glossy leaves, or opt for ficus elastica variegata, a gorgeous plant with green, white, and even a tint of pink on its leaves. There are varieties beyond that, quite a few to be exact, if you want to grow your collection of ficus elastica plants.

Both versions are super common, and you can get a decent-sized plant super affordably. It’s not rare to spot these in regular supermarkets at insane prices. If you want a gorgeous indoor plant with large leaves on a budget, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Another plus is that this one is a quickly growing plant.


8. Banana Tree

Bring the tropics to your home with a banana tree. You will find it under the name Musa Tropicana, and it’s fairly common in various sizes.

It’s grown for its beautiful foliage indoors (don’t expect any bananas), and it can grow to 6,7 feet / 2 meters.

They can produce multiple leaves per month during the growing season and are generally quick growing.

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9. Elephant Ear – alocasia regal shield & alocasia macrorrhiza

There are many varieties of Alocasia, and many have big leaves. However, the alocasia regal shield & alocasia macrorrhiza has enormous leaves.

Be warned though, getting one alocasia might kickstart an alocasia obsession. There are many wonderful varieties, each with foliage you will easily fall in love with.

10. Philodendron bipinnatifidum

This non-climbing Philodendron variety is known for its large, deep cut leaves. A similar variety is called Philodendron selloum (it has slightly larger leaves and deeper cuts). In the past, the first one was more present in Europe and the latter in the US, but nowadays you should spot both varieties everywhere.


11. Dieffenbachia 

Dieffenbachia, commonly known as the dumb cane, is another plant with large foliage you can easily grow indoors.

It’s usually sold as a small plant, so you might need to look hard to get a large specimen or practice good care and patience to grow a large plant by yourself.


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