Plants that Look Like Spider Plant

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So you’ve fallen in love with your chlorophytum and want more Plants that Look Like Spider Plants in your collection?

A few plants out there share the visuals, some more than others, of this beloved houseplant.

Also, there are quite a few different types of spider plants out there with their distinctive features, if you haven’t checked them all out yet.

Plants that Look Like Spider Plant

Plants that Look Like Spider Plants

So ready to meet these plants? Here they are!

Carex – Japanese Sedge Plant

When it comes to spider plant look-alikes, carex is one of the top contenders. The variegated variety has leaves that are almost identical to your beloved houseplant’s. The leaves are narrower, though.

While this one isn’t as commonly seen in nurseries or plant stores, it’s often found in online shops and at a good price.

Caring for this plant isn’t all that hard either. It’s a sturdy plant that requires average temperatures, does well in both semi-shaded or sunny places. It’s grown both as an indoor and outdoor plant.

Carex - Japanese Sedge Plant

Pandanus Plant

Another plant that really looks like spider plant is pandanus plant (white pot in the picture).

It grows more in height than chlorophytum and can be more similar to the pineapple plant as far as growth goes. However, the long leaves spirally arranged around the stem, especially with its green and white leaves, sure have their similarity.

This one is a fairly common plant so you shouldn’t have any issues locating one.

Dracaena Plants

Many plants are part of this plant group, the most popular ones being tall pall like specimens that often have foliage resembling those of spider plants.

The leaves can have the same coloration as chlorophytum. However, they are usually wider. The plant is also not grass-like and will grow tall with a woody stem (you can control the height and keep it small).

Most varieties are easy to take care of, requiring average temperatures, light shade, and regular watering.

Most nurseries will have many varieties available. Dracaena Deremensis, dracaena Draco, dracaena reflexia, and fragrans being the ones that might interest you the most.

Ophiopogon – White Lily Turf

A grass-like plant that grows in clumps. Green and white foliage, green, and dark purple variety exist.

This one is mostly seen as an outdoor plant; however, it will do well indoors too. It doesn’t bode well in higher temperatures, and it needs bright light or semi-shade.

Stenotaphrum Secundatum (varigated buffalo grass)

Variegated stenotaphtum is sometimes used as a houseplant (regular variety is grown as lawn grass).

Photo by David J. Stang, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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    • It could still be a spider plant as they come in many varieties and can look quite different from variety to variety. They are one of the most common plants that can be purchased in the stores and are often sold under generic names like “green plant”, “house plant” or “green mix” which is a shame. Have you checked the pot it came in? Sometimes they have a latin name printed on the pot (it’s not always super visible).


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