9 Plants Similar to String of Hearts

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You’ve fallen in love with your string of hearts plant and want to add more plants that are similar to it to your houseplant collection. This list of plants similar to string of hearts features quite a few plants like it, so you can be sure you will be adding quite a few to your plant wish list.

But before we dive into this list, if you haven’t already, why not add more than one string of heart varieties to your collection. There are a few, and each of them is wonderful in its own way.

Plants Similar to String of Hearts

Plants Similar to String of Hearts

There are quite a few plants that share many similarities to Ceropegia Woodii. None has as pronounced heart-shaped leaves as the SOH does. There are, however, many trailing plants that get close to the wonderful look of these plants in one way or another.

String of Turtles – Peperomia Prostrata

First one on our list of plants similar to string of hearts is peperomia prostrata. This trailing variety of peperomia has the cutest little leaves with a pattern that resembles a turtle’s shell (hence the name).

The leaves grow on vines and are comparable in size to those of ceropegia woodii. While the strings won’t get nearly as long, it’s still a wonderful plant to add to your collection if you are looking for more plants to hang from the basket. Like propagating string of hearts, propagating these is really easy, so you will be able to share it with your friends in no time.

The care is also similar, this one requiring a bit more frequent watering. If you are a pet owner, you will be delighted to know this one is pet safe too.

Generally, peperomia care is on the easy side, so this one is a welcomed addition to your plant collection.

String of Turtles

Hoya Curtisii

Hoyas are wonderful plants. They can be a bit quirky with caring for them but are generally not too demanding.

Hoya curtisii is one of the plants similar to string of hearts, the leaves even being similar to some extent. Unlike string of hearts, which can grow crazy fast, this hoya is a slow grower. It won’t grow vines as long as the SOH does, but it’s still an impressive trialing plant.

String of Pearls – Senecio Rowleyanus

Another sturdy plant that is easy to care for. It’s a succulent like plant, so it tolerates drought well, so it won’t hate you if you don’t water it often.

The leaves are bead-like, making the strands look almost like necklaces – hence the name string of pearls. The strings can get quite long too. With optimal conditions, they will grow to 3 feet (1m) in length pretty fast.

Besides Senecio rowleyanus, Senecio herreianus is also similar and popular with more oval leaves and Senecio citriformis with leaves resembling miniature lemons.

This wondeful plant sadly isn’t safe for pets, if this is something you are considering.

Photo: Dimaberlin

Pilea Glaucophylla

When it comes to Pilea plants, Pilea Peperomodies usually take the spotlight. However, there are many other wonderful plants in this plant group. Pilea Glaucophylla is a wonderful example of that. With proper care, this plant can grow to a large full trailing plant.

While the leaves are quite a bit smaller than those of string of hearts, this one is still worth considering if you are looking for plants like a string of hearts. These are usually sold as small plants, but with proper care, they are quick growers.

String of Nickels (Dischida Nummularia)

At first glance, a plant that is similar to peperomia hope, String of Nickles, has similar coin-shaped thick foliage. It’s still a succulent like plant but prefers a bit more water than Ceropegia Woodii does.

It’s a gorgeous trailing plant that can grow to pretty impressive length.

String of Bananas – Senecio Radicans

If you are not set on round shapes, a string of bananas is another wonderful “string of” plant to add to your collection. As you have probably guessed from the name, the leaves of this plant resemble tiny little bananas (it’s a relative of a string of pearls).

It’s a wonderful and full plant that looks amazing from a hanging basket and is, most importantly, easy to care for.

String of Needles

If you are looking for “same but different”, String of Needles is your plant as it’s the same group of plants as String of hearts, just with different shapes of leaves. The leaves are pointy like needles, but the care for these is the same as with SOH. If you have happy SOH plants in your home, this one will be happy as well.

Million Hearts Plant – Dischida Rustifolia

Why have a couple of hearts when you can have a million? The leaves of this plant can have a heart-like shape (not as pronounced as the SOH has).

String of Dolphins

Another fun string of plant to consider adding to your collection would be the string of dolphins. If you look closely at the leaves of this plant, you will see why the common name. Aren’t they just adorable?

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