Cause for Leggy Watermelon Peperomia Plant (and how to fix it)

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You’ve seen the wonderful pictures of bushy Peperomia Argyreia, but yours isn’t looking near that full and is stretching out and becoming leggy? Learn the cause for the leggy Watermelon Peperomia plant and how to fix it.

But first, something for peace of mind. Your plant is most likely OK; if it’s not growing in the most unfriendly conditions, the issue is almost certainly aesthetic only in nature.

Cause for Leggy Watermelon Peperomia Plant (and how to fix it)

What is the Cause for Leggy Watermelon Peperomia Plant

Your peperomia watermelon might already arrive in leggy condition, or you might have purchased the plant when it was nice and bushy, and it became leggy in your care (it can become leggy pretty fast).

The cause for this is always the same. The reason for your leggy peperomia watermelon is the plant not receiving enough light. The stems will stretch as the leaves are trying to catch the rays of sunlight (or artificial light).

If it’s really struggling for light you will also notice the watermelon like patterns on leaves starting to fade.

Another issue that might accompany your leggy watermelon peperomia is the new growth staying relatively small.

If the leaves are really big and the plant stretches to much, the leaves will start to drop (the stem still being firm and healthy) – gravity in works here.

How to Fix Leggy Watermelon Peperomia?

The fix is a simple one. Bring your leggy watermelon peperomia to a brighter location. The leaves that have already stretched won’t become shorter, however, new growth will be fuller and bushier.

You can prune a couple of stems and leaves that have stretched too far.

When moving your plant to a brighter location, keep in mind that direct sunlight will harm it, especially in the summer months, as it will scorch the leaves. East or west-facing window is an ideal location, as the plant will get enough light during the day. Again, keep in mind even in this location, summer sun rays can harm your plant.

If you don’t have an option with natural light, this plant does well with artificial growth lights as well.

Peperomias in general aren’t fast growers, so it might take a while for your plant to become bushy.

Quick fix For Your Plant to Look Fuller

If you want your peperomia watermelon to look fuller faster there is one thing you can do. If you have enough leaves on your plant and can part with a few, prune them. Propagate your peperomia watermelon, leaf-cutting being the best method here.

Once those grow roots, stick them in the same pot as your mother plant is and you will get a fuller look of your leggy peperomia watermelon way faster than you would with natural growth of the plant.

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  1. Fantastic tutorial! I had written myself a few notes from other sites a year ago, but found your perfectly detailed process(es) perfect for today’s task at hand … rescuing this sad, sad Peperomia, and prepping for babies. I’m saving your site for future reference. Thanks so much!


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