How to Water String of hearts?

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Learn How to Water String of hearts to keep them happy and growing. How you water your plants has an impact on the plants well being. We’re not just talking about quantity or frequency here either; the way you water your plants and the water you use also play a role.

When it comes to the string of hearts care, this wonderful plant doesn’t need much water. It’s a succulent plant, which means it can hold water really well and tolerate dry soil. You can do more harm if you overwater the plant than underwater.

How to Water String of hearts? Learn all the secrets and help your plant thrive!

How to Water String of Hearts?

If your plant is looking happy and is growing like crazy, you are doing everything just right.

If you see the plant struggles, something needs to change – watering routine probably being the first thing to consider.

How to know when to water the string of hearts?

You already know the soil should be dry between watering. Once the soil is completely dry and has been dry for a little while you can give it a good soak. However, there are tricks beyond that, which can tell you when is the ideal time to water your plant.

Feel the leaves. If they are firm to the touch, your plant is OK and you can hold off on water for a while more. If they feel soft to the touch as you gently squeeze them and you can easily bend them (some call this the taco shell test), it is time to water your plant.

The string of hearts is great at retaining water; as long as there is enough water in the leaves, they will be firm to the touch.

You can also observe the leaves and if you notice they are getting wrinkled, it is time to water.

Water from the top or from the bottom?

When it comes to the string of hearts, both ways are OK. Some praise watering from the top, while others swear by the bottom watering their string of hearts. This can vary from plant to plant – depending on the pot, soil, and size of the plant… Most plant parents swear by bottom watering, though.

Either top or bottom might be ideal for your plant so give both a try for a while.

You can pour the water into a container for bottom watering and place the pot with your string of hearts into the water-filled container for a couple of minutes. The water will get sucked up, and your plant is set for a couple of weeks.

Terra-cotta pot vs a plastic pot?

Does the type of pot make a difference? Yes, yes, it does. First thing first, no matter which planter you have, it needs to have drainage holes.

You can use a decorative pot to place your plastic or terra-cotta pot if you don’t like the looks of those, but the pot that is in contact with the soil always needs to have drainage holes.

A string of hearts will grow well both in a plastic pot and terra-cotta pot. However, a terracotta one is a better choice here. As caropegia woodii doesn’t like moist soil, the terra-cotta pot will help draw the water out of the soil, so the soil will dry quicker after watering (when the plant already absorbed all the water it needed).

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