Does Peperomia clean the air?

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Many plants are said to be wonderful for improving your home’s air quality, but does peperomia clean the air? And if it does, is it efficient at that?

Does Peperomia Clean the Air?

The benefits of plants in our homes have been researched for decades, and even NASA conducted a clean air study of some of the most common house plants.

Peperomia wasn’t included in that particular study; however, it was researched whether ornamental potted plants remove volatile organic compounds from indoor air? study (Majbrit Dela Cruz & Jan H. Christensen & Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen & Renate Müller).

If you are asking yourself what volatile organic compounds are – these are particles emitted by various materials in your home, especially when they are new (like a brand new TV) and can be harmful to your health.

The study showed plants, peperomias included, are efficient in removing those particles from the air and improving your home’s air quality. There is a small catch, though…

Does Peperomia clean the air?

The short answer… Yes, to a some extent.

While the studies did show that peperomias clean the air of common household toxins, it must be noted that these studies were made in a controlled environment that can’t really replicate or fully compare to the real-life home environment. Also, the efficiency of air cleaning of a plant depends on many factors (size, species, soil…).

What does all this mean? Should I get peperomia for better air quality in my home?

If you live in an area where air pollution is a real issue, relying on any plant to fix your home’s air quality is not the ideal solution. Investing in an air purifier will benefit the air quality of your home more.

But plants are always a good idea! While they might not be as efficient in improving air quality as the air purifier would, they still do their part. We guarantee if you add a couple of plants to your home you will notice the difference in the air. It will be, subjectively described – fresher.

So yes, you absolutely should get a plant to improve your air quality, and peperomias are a good pick. There are also other benefits to having plants in your home. There really are no reasons why you shouldn’t get some.

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